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Goals and Practice of Rural Bible Crusade

Our goal (by the leading of the Lord) is to present the Gospel to boys and girls though Bible verse memorization. Through this goal it is our desire to see boys and girls led to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as they memorize verses and complete Bible studies as we interact with them.

We encourage children throughout Wisconsin to memorize Bible verses as we have outlined in our pamphlet. We give awards to the children as they progress in the memorization of Scriptures. We offer them a free week at summer camp after they have memorized 150 verses. After they have memorized another 150 verses, they receive another free week of camp, along with a nice new Bible with their name on it.

After learning 300 verses, we begin them on the Mailbox Bible Lessons. They remain on this program, if they so desire, until they graduate high school. In the Bible studies, emphasis is put on salvation, dedication, and Christian growth.

After the young people graduate from high school, we continue our ministry to them by sending them the Our Daily Bread devotional booklet. We continue to do this as long as they desire.

Currently during the summer months, we attempt to reach more boys and girls though our Daily Vacation Bible School program which is conducted throughout Wisconsin. We train and send out VBS teachers to areas that have contacted us requesting a Bible school.

We attempt to recruit young adults for the VBS ministry from our own program, Churches, Bible Institutes, and Colleges. We travel in the fall, winter, and spring months to these Churches and Schools to seek those whom the Lord may lead to help us. For the teachers who help, this becomes a Home Missions project for them. They work full time in the summer ending with our week of Bible camp, where they help out by being counselors, workers, and helpers.

‚ÄčIn 1996, we began to hold teen retreats for the teenagers who come to summer camp. Through these retreats we encourage the teens to be a strong witness for the Lord and to be grounded in God's Word. It is also a time of refreshment and Christian fellowship as some that come are the only gospel light in their school. We currently have two teen retreats a year, one in the fall and one in the winter. For teens who know the Lord we see the importance and necessity for them to be encouraged in the Lord and to foster Christian relationships.

Our weekends are busy as we travel to churches throughout Wisconsin seeking opportunities to present the ministry of Rural Bible Crusade. On occasion we will speak and fill in for pastors who are away from their pulpits. We also use this opening to encourage children and parents about the importance of memorizing Bible verses, and the convenience that Rural Bible Crusade provides for them to be a participant in our program.

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